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Planning To Leave?

We are sorry that you are thinking of leaving, if you have any concerns about DenPlan, please let us know through the “complaints” page and lets see if we can address your concern.


We really don’t want to lose you as we think that DenPlan offers, possibly, the best way to budget for dental care in Australia today.   Can we remind you of why we think DenPlan is a great way to look after your dental health?

  • Comprehensive plans that provide hassle free quality preventive dentistry with financial certainty
  • Certainty of who will provide your treatment: you do not have to change dentists. You have the comfort of staying with your own preferred dentist.
  • Certainty of payments: the monthly membership fee will be made through a stress-free direct debit
  • Certainty of cost: there are no surprise extra costs or gaps for all dental treatment provided by your dentist or hygienist
  • Certainty of quality dentistry provided by dentists who are focused on a high standard of care in maintaining your oral health.


If you are sure that you want to leave, then this is how to go about it:

  • You may cancel the contract by giving not less than 21 days notice, for the contract to expire at the end of the following calendar month.   This must be in writing to DenPlan so we can cancel your Direct Debit.
  • If we inadvertently charge your direct debit, after you have given us 21 days notice that you are leaving, we will repay  the direct debit within 7 days of being told of the incorrect debit.
  • You will have cover with Denplan until the last day of the month for which you have paid for.


You can let DenPlan know by completing the webform below:

We respect your decision to leave, but ask for your contact details in case there are any unresolved issues.  We will not contact you to try and change your mind.


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