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Members and Their Plans

These are some illustrative examples of what Health fund Extras could be costing patients and the comparative cost of DenPlan Payment Plans. 


These case histories are a compilation of different patients' experiences and are used to illustrate what cost savings are possible with DenPlan payment plans. They will help you to determine whether you may be able to achieve similar savings. They are based on real experiences, but please note that these examples may not reflect your situation exactly. There may be significant differences as your: Health Fund insurance "extras"; oral health status: and the contract you agree with your dentist, may all vary.  The DenPlan fees quoted are available at, at least one DenPlan Dental Practice.


Dentists set their own fees.   Your monthly fee will be determined by your dentist, using a standardized, oral health scoring template. The template charts the health of your teeth, gums and overall oral health. 


Please note that all existing dental problems need to be dealt with before you are accepted into a payment plan or your dentist may exclude them from the plan until they are fixed.  Your DenPlan dentist will discuss various options with you to have any outstanding work completed, before you join Denplan.


Please take the time to read the important assumptions that we have used in these illustrative member examples.





Sarita's dentist charges her $38 per month with NO GAPS!

dreamstimelarge_25631.jpg - large

Sarita, as a single person, was paying $11 per week ($572 per year) for her Extras Insurance with a major health fund.  The rebates only covered approximately 45% of her dental costs resulting in gap payments for her regular preventive visits. The gap payments added  another $200 per annum.  So for Sarita, the total cost of looking after her teeth would be around $772 per year.  


She looks after her gums and teeth and only has a few small fillings.  Changing to DenPlan Ongoing Care for an annual membership fee of $456 per year ($38 per month) meant a saving of around $316 per year. She also has the security of knowing that if she needs any additional treatment from her dentist, there will be no extra costs. These savings are used to fund other health care costs.



gavin.jpg - largeGavin pays his dentist $30 per month for his Preventive Plan

Gavin was paying $57.20 per month for his health extras cover. His health extras cover included a rebate of up to 70% at selected dental practices, for non-specified eligible services and subject to various fee limits. But he didn’t want to change from his regular dentist to a dentist chosen by his health fund.


Gavin looks after his teeth and gums and only has a few fillings. Gavin has now joined the Denplan Preventive Care Plan that costs him $30 per month and gives him regular check-ups, cleans and x-rays at his own dentist with no extra costs.  He has also agreed a discount on any restorative work required with his dentist.


Gavin saves $326 per annum on his dental care, which he uses for other expenses.



dreamstimeextralarge3.jpg - largeJudy’s dentist charges her $48 per month for her ongoing care plan with NO GAPS!

Judy was paying $74.70 per month ($896 per year) for her health extras cover. Her cover included rebates of up to 85% at selected dental practices: the "health extras" website indicates the rebate is for non-specified eligible services and subject to various fee limits.  But she prefers to go to a dentist she trusts, instead of one chosen by the health fund, who might be different each time.


After her rebate, she had to find on average, $250 per annum to pay for the gap between the rebate and the fee charged by her dentist, just for her regular care. So the cost of looking after her teeth with Health Extras would be  around $1150 per year.  


She looks after her gums and teeth, but she does have several fillings and a couple of crowns.  There are two additional crowns that her dentist has told her that she needs.


She has agreed with her dentist to join the Ongoing Care Plan at a cost of $48 per month ($576 per annum).  They have agreed that she will pay for the two crowns separately before joining DenPlan, as these are considered outstanding treatment. Once she joins DenPlan she no longer has to worry about gap payments for her routine dental care, even if she needs further crowns as her teeth age. She will save around $574 per annum, which she will use to pay for her glasses.



coupleoncoachdreamst1.jpg - large

Rob and Anne’s dentist charges them  $92 per month with NO GAPS!

Rob and Anne, a young couple with no children, were jointly paying $33 per week ($1716 per year) for their top level Extras Insurance with a major health fund.  The fund provided rebates of up to 75% of dental costs to a maximum of $1000 annually per person.  Their gap payments added another $175 per annum just for routine 6 monthly check-ups.  So the total cost of looking after their teeth came to around $1891 per year.  


Rob and Anne have average oral health, but changing to DenPlan Ongoing Care means that their joint annual membership fees are $1104 per year ($92 per month), a saving of around $787 per year.  They can use these savings to pay for visits to any other health professionals, that they require.



dreamstimeextralarge2.jpg - largeThe Lee Family’s Dentist charges them $120 per month

The Lee family was paying $21 per week ($1,074 per year) for their Extras Insurance with a major health fund.  Despite being a long term member, their experience is that rebates only cover 40% of their dental costs which adds another $900 per annum in gap payments for routine dental care.  Therefore their total cost for looking after their teeth is around $2,000 per year.   Their plan also offers $700 lifetime coverage for orthodontics for each of their children:the average cost of orthodontics per child will be around $7,000.


Changing to DenPlan Ongoing Care means that their annual membership fees are $1,440 per year ($120 per month), a saving of  around $560 per year on total dental costs.  They are putting aside the savings to pay for any orthodontics needed for the children.



dreamstimemaximum_401.jpg - largeMary, a single parent, is charged $83 per month by her Dentist for her family’s dental care

Mary was paying $98 per month for Extra Cover that covered her two children and herself.  This Health Insurer indicates gap free dentistry at selected providers for her children, but Mary is likely to get rebates of around 30% for her own treatment leaving a significant gap payment. 


On DenPlan, Mary would pay $43 for herself plus $20 for each of her two children, a total of $83 per month with NO Gaps for her dental care.  The Payment Plans mean that all the family can visit the dentist without any financial worries as the plans covers all routine treatment required to maintain their oral health.


The savings she makes on dental care can be used for other expenses.




Important  Assumptions:

The cases quoted are illustrative of the comparative costs of existing health fund extras cover and Denplan.


The costs of Health Fund Extras which we have used, have been sourced from Health Insurance Company Websites that were available in January 2014.  In April 2014, health premiums are expected to rise by an average of 6% with some major health companies seeking an 8% plus increase.   All Health Extras costs quoted, assume eligibility for the 30% Australian Government Rebate, which according to recent press commentary is under review.


The routine care the patients in our case histories might have expected to receive, consists of 6 monthly check-ups, cleans and x-rays. If they had required any restorative treatment the annual cost savings would be even greater.


Dentists set their own fees under the DenPlan payment plan, so fees may vary from practice to practice.


The quoted DenPlan fees are available at least one DenPlan dental practice and are the fees charged for the majority of patients with average dental health.   Please note these fees may vary according to your current oral health and expected future needs.