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How Your Fees Are Set

How are fees set?

  • Your fee is determined by your dentist based on your oral health – if your oral health improves or declines, this may result in a decrease or increase in monthly fees.  In setting your fees, your dentist estimates how much time the dental team will need to spend with you each year and the likely cost of any treatment that will be needed.
  • Dentists set their own fees so there is no single DenPlan Australia fee.  Your monthly fee will be determined by your dentist, using a standardized, oral health scoring assessment.  All existing dental problems need to be dealt with before you are accepted into the payment plan or your dentist may exclude these items from the plan until they are fixed.


Will they change?

  • Your monthly fees are adjusted each year on 1st July for inflation and other practice cost increases.  Major new regulatory imposts that increase the costs of running a dental practice may  drive up prices.  For example, if the regulatory bodies suddenly required dentists to upgrade their sterilising equipment to a new standard, this would increase the running costs of the practice.


What about Specialist Fees?

  • If your dentist refers you to a specialist, the specialist fees would be payable by yourself as the service is not provided by your dentist.