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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DenPlan Australia an insurance policy?

No. DenPlan Australia Ongoing Care Membership Plan is a dental payment plan that allows you to budget for dental treatment.  It is a contract between you and your dentist to provide ongoing dental care to maintain your oral health.



How much does it cost?

Dentists set their own fees.  Your monthly fee will be determined by your dentist, using a standardized, oral health scoring assessment.  All existing dental problems need to be dealt with before you are accepted into the payment plan or your dentist may exclude them from the plan until they are fixed.



Can I keep my health extras insurance?

Of course!  However, please keep in mind that Government reports indicate that most health extras payouts are for dental claims.  


We believe that for most people,  DenPlan Ongoing Care offers a better value solution to maintaining their oral health.  There are no surprise gaps to pay and the monthly memberships are very competitive with health extra insurance premiums.  Ask your dentist for comparisons and/or a quote.


The DenPlan Preventive Plan is a helps budget your costs of regular exams and cleans, so your dentist will provide you with an itemised invoice after your bi-annual check ups.  You may be able to claim these items on your health extras policy.



How does the dentist assess my oral health?

DenPlan Australia provides a standardized template to chart the health of your teeth, gums and overall oral health. 



Do I need a check-up before I join?


You can become a member of  the Preventive Plan without a check-up.


For the Ongoing Care Plan, if you have had an inspection within 6 months, your dentist may not require another check-up.  If its been more than 6 months, your dentist will want to undertake a check-up.



How does the Ongoing Care Membership Plan provide dental cost certainty?

Denplan Australia Ongoing Care Membership Plan allows you to budget your dental treatment by means of a monthly or annual payment that is agreed between your dentist and yourself.



How does the Ongoing Care Membership Plan improve my health?

Regular checkups and a focus on preventive care will help stop dental problems arising or ensure they are fixed early.  Good oral health helps prevent the loss of teeth and the establishment of chronic inflammation in the mouth, which may have linkages to other chronic diseases of the body.



How often will I visit my dentist?

Most patients will typically see their dentist and hygienist every 6-12 months.  The actual frequency will be agreed between your dentist and yourself.



How do I maximise value from the Payment Plan?

It’s like a gym membership, you need to attend the Dentist when recommended and have the recommended treatment to get the value!  Commit to your check-ups, oral hygiene and treatment – your dentist will advise you of the best frequency for check-ups.


Like a gym plan, if you choose not to attend when your dentist advises you to, you don’t get your money back.



Is there a registration fee?

Yes.  DenPlan Australia charges a once only registration fee that is equivalent to one month’s membership. This is collected with the first month’s direct debit.



How are payments made?

After the first month’s payment, DenPlan Australia will direct debit your account each month for the monthly fee.



Who is my contract with?

Your contract is with your dentist, who will provide the dental care to improve or maintain your oral health. DenPlan administers the registration and collects the monthly payments for your dentist.



Why might your fees change?

Your fee is determined by your dentist based on your oral health – if your oral health improves or declines (mainly around plaque, gingival and periodontal condition), this may result in a decrease or increase in monthly fees.


Your monthly fees are adjusted each year on 1st July for dental inflation and any new regulatory impost that increases the costs of running a dental practice.  For example, if all dentists were required to upgrade their sterilising equipment to a new standard, the significant capital investment would increase the practice's costs.



What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for keeping appointments made with your dentist and/or hygienist.  Failure to provide adequate notice (48 hours) of non-attendance may require you to pay “missed appointment” fees, which are not covered by Denplan.


You must ensure that you attend your dentist for regular inspections, oral hygiene treatment, “cleans” (scale and polishes), receive the treatment your dentist advises and you must promptly inform your dentist of any injury, medication, problem or other material matter that might impact your dental health.   If you fail to comply with your dentist’s recommendations and advice, you may be liable for any treatment costs incurred to restore your oral and dental health.


You must keep you contact details up to date so DenPlan and your dentist can ensure that you have regular dental check-ups and cleans.


If you chose not to receive treatment, Denplan will continue debit your account until you inform us that you no longer wish to be member.



What are my dentist’s responsibilities?

Your dentist will use your last known contact details to organize regular review appointments.  Your dentist is obligated to make reasonable efforts to contact you, in order to  arrange regular check-ups and cleans.


Your dentist will provide the necessary treatment to maintain your oral health in a manner that would meet the expectations of their peers and regulatory bodies.


Your dentist must provide reasonable out of hours dental emergency care outside normal trading hours and advise members of the emergency contact numbers through websites, notices and/or answering machine messages.



Leaving DenPlan

You may cancel the contract by giving not less than 21 days notice for the contract to expire at the end of the next calendar month.   To do this, please either write to DenPlan or use the webform  in the Member’s section to cancel your membership.


You will have cover with Denplan until the last day of the month for which you have paid.



What do I do if I want to change my dentist?

Let your dentist and DenPlan Australia know at least 21 days before the end of the calendar month.  Your dentist will review your oral health and make arrangements to finalise any treatment for you. Your dentist will give you a leaving form that you can take to your new dentist.


If you would like to discontinue your contract simply inform your dentist 21 days prior and we will cancel your direct debit.


You have the right to ask for a copy of your dental records to be forwarded to your new dentist.



Why are Specialist and Laboratory Fees excluded?

If your dentist refers you to a specialist, the specialist fees would be payable by yourself as the service is not provided by your dentist.  Your contract with the dentist is to cover the amount of time that your dentist and their team will need to spend with you to maintain your oral health.


Laboratory fees are an external cost to the practice and are not set by your dentist.  Prices can vary greatly from one technician to another and you really do get what you pay for! By excluding laboratory fees,  your dentist can choose the best technician to provide the best crown/inlay/nightguard/denture for you. A poorly fitting appliance can cause major problems.



Is there a children’s membership price?

For DenPlan Australia members, we have a special plan for children under 16 years of age, which focuses on working with the family to prevent decay from starting.


Additional services include fissure sealants, fluoride application, tooth brushing instruction, dietary advice and six monthly inspections, all of which helps children develop healthy habits for life.



Are there family discounts?

Absolutely.  For families, from the same address, that are all registered on the same direct debit at the same practice, we offer the following discounts:

  • Two members – 5% discount
  • Three plus members – 10% discount



What should I do if I have a complaint about my dentist?

All our DenPlan dentists are required to have an in-house complaints system.  Firstly, talk with your dentists’ reception staff and discuss the issue – most issues can be resolved with a conversation.


If you are still unhappy, write to your dentist outlining the issue and why you are not satisfied with any resolution already proposed. 


If you and your dentist are still unable to reach a resolution, please contact Denplan by email or letter.  In your written complaint, please outline the issue, what steps have been taken to try and resolve the problem.  We will try to resolve the issue by offering an impartial complaints handling arbitration process.



What should I do if I have a concern with DenPlan

DenPlan aims to provide courteous, friendly and helpful service that is both accurate and clear.  Should we fail in achieving a great level of service, please contact us with your concern, we will do our best to resolve it for you.