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Denplan's Philosophy

Currently, there are two main ways of paying for dental care in Australia: through a health fund or with cash. DenPlan’s Membership Payment Plans allow you to budget for dental care and encourage you to attend your dentist regularly. The plans also ensure that you get the best dental care without any surprise gaps.


A recent survey published by the ADA states that 67% of the population delay dental treatment due to cost factors.


Over the last few years, health fund premiums have been rising at well above the inflation rate, leading to decreasing accessibility of dental care.  Despite the rise in health fund premiums, patients are observing that they have seen their gap payments increase steadily. This has discouraged many people from seeking regular dental care.


However, by delaying regular maintenance visits, small problems often become more complex: requiring more invasive and expensive treatment.


DenPlan Australia’s Payment Plans will change the way dental care is both delivered and paid for:

  • A single low monthly payment will cover all your routine dental care without any “gap payment” on our “Ongoing Care Plan”.  Alternatively, you can select the “Preventive Care Plan” that covers only check-ups, cleans and radiographs.
  • By putting the emphasis on prevention. The dentist, dental hygienist and the patient will work together to prevent cavities and disease in the first place.


The fixed monthly fee allows the dentist and the patient to deliver the best possible oral health care, by taking unexpected costs out of the decision making process.


We believe that Denplan’s approach will deliver quality, preventive dentistry with financial certainty.  We also believe that for most people, membership of Denplan Australia will prove to be a more cost effective and affordable option for dental care, than their current health extras plan.