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Compliments, Feedback & Complaints

Compliments & Feedback

We love to hear compliments or constructive feedback about your dental team. Please complete the form below and we will pass it on.



Compliments and feedback
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Complaints & Concerns About DenPlan or Your Dentist

If something is not working, we believe it’s important to identify the problem and work to fix it whether its DenPlan or your dentist.


If your concern is about your Dentist:

  • All our DenPlan dentists are required to have an in-house complaints system.  Firstly, speak to your dentists’ reception staff and dentist to discuss the issue – it should be possible to resolve most issues with a conversation.
  • If you are still unhappy, write to your dentist outlining the issue and why you are not satisfied 
  • If you and your dentist are still unable to reach a resolution, please contact Denplan by using the webform.  In your written complaint, please outline the issue and what steps have been taken to try and resolve the issue.  We will try to help resolve the problem by offering an impartial complaints handling arbitration process.


If your concern is about DenPlan:

  • DenPlan aims to provide a courteous, friendly and helpful service that is both accurate and clear.  Should we fail in achieving a great level of service, please contact us. We will do our utmost to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.


Complains and Concerns
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DenPlan is unable to act on anonymous complaints